Organic Bodybuilding

Natural Bodybuilder Rebels! Revealing The Truth That Food And Supplement Companies Are Hiding To Protect Their PROFITS And Keep You  ADDICTED To Their Products!


Ian Kelley

Ian Kelley- Lifetime Steroid Free Bodybuilding Champion!

You Can Get Big, Strong and Very Ripped Safely and Naturally without ANABOLIC STEROIDS and HGH!


These harmful unnatural synthetic drugs have completely changed what the sport of bodybuilding and muscular development used to stand for. Bodybuilding has become synonymous with drugs and grotesquely large freakish muscular people. Tragically, this has turned most people off from the greatest fitness movement in history, the secret to fat loss and the true “fountain of youth”. Old school bodybuilders like Jack Lalanne, Reg Park and Chet Yorton are the heroes and pioneers of this great discovery gone astray.

All Natural Bodybuilding

Natural? These days the word natural has been so misused and cheapened that it has lost its original meaning. “Natural” is used to describe foods, products and sports that are not natural at all. The meaning of the word has become blurred for commercial marketing purposes.

So what is Organic Bodybuilding? Organic Bodybuilding is True All Natural Bodybuilding. The revival of the lost wisdom of the early pioneers combined with cutting edge holistic health and nutrition knowledge. Bodybuilding and muscular development used to stand for HEALTH not freaks and arrogance. Before the rise of steroids, HGH and drugs, before the Industrial Food Empire and Chemical Supplement Industry took over.

Beware of phony websites and gurus calling themselves “all natural bodybuilding” or “drug free bodybuilding”. I have been contacted by many of these people wishing to link to my site and align them selves with me. When I looked more closely at their websites I found out they were not “all natural” at all! Most were selling “near-steroid” synthetic chemical supplements or HGH. One guy had a book on how to use steroids “safely”.

Muscle Magazines Are Filled With Lies!

Reading muscle magazines and chugging down protein shakes was how I started out in weight training. Subscribing to a popular muscle magazine in the beginning I later became disinterested and started to sense something was not quite right with the message and information. The magazine was 90% supplement ads and 10% articles that were mostly promoting supplements. Deciding to cancel my subscription, I called and could not reach anyone to tell them to stop sending the magazine. Trying several times to cancel I would just get a recorded message. Eventually, I gave up and just figured if I do not pay them then they will stop sending it.

Five years later they continue to send me the magazine and stacks of them are piled up in my garage unread. Sometimes I get a renewal bill in the mail suggesting that I renew my expired subscription but I never do. Throw your muscle magazines in the garbage and break free from the propoganda and lies of the Supplement Empire!





About the Author

Ian Kelley is the author of two health and fitness books, The Organic Body and Secret Organic Diet Health as well as creator of Kick Butt Boot Camp – The most efficient total body fat loss workout on the planet. Ian is a lifetime chef and former restaurant owner. He now works as a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor as well as competing in Natural Bodybuilder competitions. Ian stays active as a Holistic Health Advocate, blogger and Writer. You can contact him here.